Specialized Software

Case Study: ASUR Airports

Project: Ground Control Management Software

Technologies:  NET 3.5, C#, WCF, MS SQL Server 2005, Oracle, Entity Framework, JQuery

Project Setting: ASUR manages 10 different airports in the South East region of Mexico, including the Cancun Airport that receives the largest traffic on international flights in all of Latin America. ASUR required a solution that would allow them to integrate data from the flight control radar, the control tower and airline scheduling reports in order to reduce the processing time and overhead associated with management on the ground of all aircrafts within each of its 10 airports.

Solution: The initial part was to develop the proper application interfaces for the various airport systems and then concentrate data in an intranet that provided a portal for Airline interaction and exported automated data to their ground control scheduling application. This solution is currently in production at 9 airports and in use by 300 airlines from around the world.



Case Study: AGUAKAN

Project: Enterprise Invoicing and Online Payment Portal

Technologies:  PHP, AJAX, XML, .NET 3.5, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Window Mobile

Project Setting: AGUAKAN is the corporation with the concession to manage and distribute water and sewage for half a million households in Cancun. They required specialized mobile software and hardware to deploy teams of readers for monthly meter reads. After collecting data from the meter reads, Aguakan required a mission critical electronic invoicing application to generate the close to a half a million invoice per month for each household. Finally, Aguakan required an online payment portal to help reduce lines in payment windows.

Solution: CancunIT developed a PDA-based mobile meter reader application that sent reader back to a central database over a cellular network. The application also provided the ability to take customer satisfaction surveys as monthly reads are being taken. We also developed an enterprise electronic invoicing application that joins customer data with meter data in order to create a monthly invoice for 500,000 households and businesses. As a final phase of the project we designed and launched an online customer portal where serviced customers could consult historic usage, reprint invoices, report leaks and request special services, in addition the ability to pay their monthly bills online.

Since 2008 our systems have served a population of 500,000 homes and businesses.

> http://www.aguakan.com

Financial and Accounting Software

Case Study: Enterprise Electronic Invoicing

Project: FacturadorElectronico.com for Web, Mobile and ERP

Technologies:  AJAX, XML, .NET 3.5, Azure, Web Services, MS SQL Server, iOS, Android, PKI

Project Setting: Beginning January 2011 electronic invoicing was mandated for all companies in Mexico. The Mexican fiscal authority certified a small number of service providers to act as a verification channel and communicate invoicing data back to government servers.

Solution: DotNET developed an Enterprise electronic Invoicing application and was certified as one of the 50 authorized service providers.

In recent days our invoicing applications are in charge of generating over 2,000,000 invoices per month for 8,000 different organizations.



Core Technologies include: .NET Framework, HTML5, CSS3, SalesForce, Microsoft SQL Server, Android Development, iOS Mobile Apps


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